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“Take a break, explore places and relax”  


We strongly believe that travel is a solution for many problems. It takes you to new destinations, introduces new cultures, food, music, art and communities. Travel is an emotion that is present in each one of us and we strive to bring the emotion to the fore.

Who doesn’t love the sound of holidays? The joy of boarding a plane and heading towards a destination is unmatched. However, a lot goes into the process of planning a successful holiday, especially when you are traveling with family, friends or colleagues. Most often, you spend long hours in research and planning for a holiday and less in actually preparing for it. And this is exactly what we do not want you to do.

Wizard Holidays is here to turn your dreams into a reality and will ensure that your holiday leaves you with the best memories. We have a team that carries out long hours of research to provide you with a comfortable and safe holiday at the best deals. We promise ample fun, memories and endless adventures for the journey that will be remembered by you for a long, long time.

Allow us to take care of the entire responsibility related to planning and organizing the holiday. You can simply cherish every moment of your trip, with your favorite people, be it in India or abroad.

Led by a highly experienced management team and supported by a group of travel experts with more than a decade of experience in the industry, we have created tour packages that will fit your preferences. Leave everything to us, and have an experience of a lifetime at your preferred destination.

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